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COLETTE ET JUSTIN – Gilda Vieira De Mello Award – Creative Documentary Competition

Gilda Vieira De Mello Award – Creative Documentary Competition

A screening of the award-winning film "Colette and Justin" by Alain Kassanda

"A politically engaged film based on the archives of the oppressor, which reveals the tumultuous history of colonisation and a false independence. An intimate dialogue that reveals truths that can form the basis of a peace and reconciliation process."

AfricaDecolonisationMemory & History

Sunday 19 March


Grütli - Salle Simon

sold out - in case of cancellation, tickets will be put back on sale before the screening

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Creative documentaries

Colette et Justin

By Alain Kassanda

Of Congolese origin, Alain Kassanda retraces his family history and that of the Belgian colonisation of the Congo, and its later independence. In this very intimate film, he successfully situates the major political milestones in the history of the Congo through the use of archived and family footage, the recollections of his grandparents, and the addition of a poignant voice-over. This film questions the dual perspective of colonisation and immigration, from the point of view of those who lived through it, and those who inherited it.

  • Section Competition - Creative documentaries
  • Original language(s) Lingala & French
  • Subtitle(s) French & English

AfriqueDécolonisationMémoire & Histoire

Alain Kassanda


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  • Alain Kassanda


  • Alain Kassanda
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France & Belgium
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