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Café des Libertés - Activism and human rights: how do you get involved?

In the face of climate emergencies, natural disasters, wars, and human rights violations, the engagement of civil society is growing, especially among the younger generation. There are many ways to take action to defend the causes we care about. How do we choose the most appropriate way to take action? What is activism? How can we get involved in advancing human rights and what impact will it have?


• Yannick Wild, ex-volunteer at PBI in Honduras and advocacy officer at PBI Switzerland

• Alexandra Slotte, climate activist and protagonist of the movie “Tout Commence”

• Rüstü Demirkaya, journalist and reporter, co-founder of Mojust (Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice)

Modération :
• Charlotte Frossard, journalist, RTS


Thursday 16 March


Espace Pitoëff - Café Babel

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Free admission


In partnership with CODAP and Peace Brigades International