Giuliano Da Empoli, on his writings and reflections

Giuliano Da Empoli, author of "Le Mage du Kremlin" (2022 Gallimard), has published numerous other essays that analyse social movements and changes, as well as the impact of the new economy, and its effects on politics.

Meeting with the Italian-Swiss writer, finalist for the Prix Goncourt 2022, about his latest book and the power strategies of the current Russian president.

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Sunday 12 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

sold out - in case of cancellation, tickets will be put back on sale before the screening

English / French

In partnership with Maison Rousseau et Littérature


Giuliano Da Empoli Writer and essayist, author of the novel "Le Mage du Kremlin"

Moderated by

Nadia Sikorsky Editor-in-chief Nashagazeta.ch