Web 4.0: the risk of digital autocracy

The advent of the Internet has been accompanied by a whole range of debates and practices highlighting its liberating nature. Adopting the form of a decentralised and open network, it has largely been constructed as a space independent of the state, even questioning the State's existence and sometimes helping to overthrow authoritarian powers. With the exponential development of social networks and the development of computing power, there is a fear of an Artificial Intelligence that would think and decide for us. But we did not see the danger of Web 4.0 coming, with its algorithms controlled by a few companies or by states. Elon Musk is buying Twitter and randomly deciding who can and cannot post on his platform. Tik Tok presents totally different content if it is accessed in China versus elsewhere in the world. Professions and careers created and pursued solely thanks to the net (youtubers, influencers, etc.) can disappear if the host platform so decides. Public space exists when citizens come together to discuss public affairs, but public space has always been subject to attempts at controlling it. Has the Internet, presented as a "self-organising system" or as a means of "organising without organisations", not become an autocratic space?

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Sunday 19 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

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Followed by the debate "Web 4.0: the risk of digital autocracy"

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Malka Older Author and sociologist

Solange Ghernaouti Professor, international expert on cybersecurity

Larissa Bieler Director SWI and Member of the SRG Executive Committee

Dorothe Dörholt Filmmaker of the film "Algorithmes - vers un monde manipulé"

Moderated by

Mehdi Atmani Investigative journalist on digital issues

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Hors Compétition - Documentaire

Algorithmes - vers un monde manipulé

By Dorothe Dörholt

By observing the technological developments of artificial intelligence in several countries, this film sheds light on the advantages and limits of algorithms and their repercussions on the lives of citizens. Whether at the level of the State, the police, universities, or companies, artificial intelligences should be used as a tool, but very often become a substitute for the work of the individual. There are many abuses: manipulations, addictions, or centralization of power. What can governments and States do to best regulate these technological advances?

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Dorothe Dörholt


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