Rights for young trans* and non-binary people

In 1989, the Convention on the Rights of the Child was unanimously adopted by the United Nations General Assembly. Among its fundamental principles are the best interests of the child, the right to live, survive and develop. What criteria should be used to assess the best interests of the child? How can the health of young trans people be guaranteed? Access to social transition and medical gender reassignment measures is a painful process in which trans people have to prove their identity. Access to treatment in Switzerland is possible for any person "capable of discernment", without age restrictions. However, health insurance companies sometimes impose a minimum age for access to hormone treatment, which in turn is required for several months to access surgical operations. Yet there is a scientific consensus on the importance of facilitating access to treatment: 67% of trans people consider suicide before medical interventions, but only 3% consider it after their medical transition.

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Sunday 19 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

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Followed by the debate "Rights for young trans* and non-binary people"

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In partnership with the Agenda 21 - Sustainable City Department


Denise Medico Psychologist, Research Chair on Transgender Children in Québec and author of "Jeunes trans et non binaires"

Jacob Elijah Plus size model and amateur filmmaker

Deekshitha Ganesan Jurist, Policy Officer at Transgender Europe (TGEU)

Passita Gonzales Executive Director of the NGO Synergie Trans Bénin

Moderated by

Tal Madesta Freelance journalist and author

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Compétition - Focus

Lotus Sports Club

By Vanna Hem & Tommaso Colognese

In Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia, Leak and Amas practise their passion for football in the town's women's team coached by Pa Vann. Coach and father figure, Pa Vann offers these transgender teenagers, often victims of discrimination and rejected by their families, the opportunity to express themselves in their bodies. Filmed over five years, "Lotus Sports Club," by directors Tommaso Colognese and Vanna Hem, is a wonderful example of inclusiveness and solidarity, set against the backdrop of the country's difficult economic and social situation.

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  • Original language(s) Khmer
  • Subtitle(s) English & French


Vanna Hem & Tommaso Colognese


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  • Vanna Hem


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Netherlands & Cambodia
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