Migration: double standards in question

European countries and citizens have welcomed Ukrainian migrants with open arms, but are much more reluctant to accept other nationalities who are also fleeing armed conflict, such as Afghan migrants. In the United States, the chances of being able to apply for and obtain asylum depend more on the country of origin than on the reasons pushing people to leave. Egypt practices "minority favouritism" according to the political agendas of the moment. What are the reasons for these double standards? Which underlying and unacknowledged mechanisms explain them? Is it legal to have double standards based on countries of origin and not on the causes of migration? The aim is not to question the welcome given to Ukrainian refugees in Europe, but to understand why other populations do not benefit from the same generosity.

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Friday 17 March


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Followed by the debate "Migration: double standards in question"

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In partnership with Caritas and the Centre Social Protestant


Iside Gjergji Senior Researcher at the Centre for Social Studies of Coimbra University

Madeline Garlick Head of the Protection and Legal Advice Section, United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)

Valérie Gorin Historian and sociologist, Head of Learning at the Geneva Center of Humanitarian Studies

Alicia Giraudel Lawyer and Head of Asylum at the Swiss section of Amnesty International

Moderated by

Vincent Chetail Professor of international law at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (Geneva) and Director of the Global Migration Centre.

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This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Focus

La vie devant elle

By Manon Loizeau & Elaha Iqbali

La vie devant elle is the diary of the exile of Elaha, a 14 year old Afghan girl, who films herself with a small camera to tell her story. Through her story, the film portrays the reality of children growing up on the road, tossed from place to place to flee conflicts in the hope of finding a normal life. Directed by Manon Loizeau, who followed Elaha and her family for over a year, the film invites us to reflect on the fate of all children thrown onto the roads of exile. It depicts the wandering, the solitude, the physical and mental fatigue, but also the incredible resilience of childhood. This road movie is accompanied by the musical compositions of Emily Loizeau.

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  • Original language(s) Persian & French
  • Subtitle(s) English & French


Manon Loizeau & Elaha Iqbali


  • Elaha Iqbali


  • Stéphanie Lebrun
  • Céline Nusse
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  • Thibault Delavigne
  • Laurent Stoop


  • Emily Loizeau


  • Laurent Langlois
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