Climate (in)action, how to respond to the emergency?

The last eight years have been the warmest on record in Europe. In 2022 alone, Swiss glaciers lost an average of 6% of their volume. Faced with the climate emergency, and its share of human, material, health and ecological systemic disasters, what can be done? How can we obtain tangible action from States and companies? People involved in environmental struggles respond to the increasing number of extreme climatic phenomena with original and sometimes spectacular actions: soup thrown in museums, blocking roads with people glued to the ground, removing road surfaces, unauthorised tree planting, etc. While some actions fall within the realm of civil disobedience, others use legal tools such as suing States for their climate inaction. Activists are now people of all ages and appearances. They are scientists, lawyers, volunteers... While for some people climate change cannot warrant just any kind of action, others are asking: what will be the future cost of climate inaction?


Friday 17 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

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Followed by the debate "Climate (in)action, how to respond to the emergency?"

English / French

In partnership with the Green Film Festival and Public Eye


Julia Steinberger Professor of ecological economics at the University of Lausanne

Cyril Dion Writer, director, poet and environmental activist

Paloma Moritz

Moderated by

Oumeima Nechi Journalist, Courrier international

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Out of Competition - Documentary

Duty of Care: The Climate Trials

By Nic Balthazar

"Duty of Care": no one has the right to endanger others if the danger can be prevented. Thanks to the lawyer Roger Cox, this concept has revolutionised the fight for climate protection. States have a duty of care towards their citizens, especially when it comes to action against global warming. Through interviews and trial footage, "Duty of Care: The Climate Trials" goes behind the scenes of the work of Roger Cox, the first lawyer to successfully sue multinationals and states for climate inaction.

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Nic Balthazar


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