Afghanistan through the eyes of filmmakers in exile

August 2021, Afghanistan. The Taliban take power. Contrary to political Islam, an extremist school of thought promoted by the Taliban, the very essence of art itself becomes a target. Writers, painters, musicians, photographers, journalists, directors... All are forced to hide, to stop creating, or to go into exile. How and why be creative in exile? The presence of Abbas Rezaie, director of the documentary "Etilaat Roz" and other directors from the Afghan diaspora, will be an opportunity to discuss the recent turmoil in the country and in particular the situation of the intensely persecuted Hazara community, whose plight has become even more brutal since the return of the Taliban.

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Monday 13 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

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Followed by the debate "Afghanistan through the eyes of filmmakers in exile"

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Abbas Rezaie Director of the documentary film Etilaat Roz

Ilyas Yourish Producer and director, Afghanistan

Najiba Noori Director and journalist, Afghanistan

Moderated by

Serge Michel Director of

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Compétition - Focus

Etilaat Roz

By Abbas Rezaie

15 August 2021. The Taliban take control of Kabul. The Afghan newspaper "Etilaat Roz" and its 50 employees are seriously affected. Amidst censorship, arrests, attacks, torture and threats against journalists, Editor-in-chief Zaki Daryabi and his team attempt to continue their work. In this documentary filmed during the two months following the Taliban's coming to power and from within the walls of the newspaper's office, Abbas Rezaie offers us a powerful and first-hand account of the collapse of the freedom of the press in Afghanistan.

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Abbas Rezaie


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