Information and cognitive bias: a dangerous cocktail

It is easier to believe than to think, to confirm our opinions rather than to cultivate doubt. Today, we readily describe information that does not fit with our beliefs as "propaganda". We sometimes forget that our belief systems are the result of the specific context in which we live, and we do not question them because they seem so obvious. So do we not sometimes qualify opposite propositions as propaganda too quickly? Is it because of a lack of critical thinking, because of convenience, or because our brain encourages us to do so? These cognitive biases can lead to conflicts, especially when the use of new technologies (social networks, big data) exposes us to their amplification and strengthens our convictions.

Followed by a book signing by Giuliano Da Empoli at the Festival café, in partnership with Payot Librairie.

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Sunday 12 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

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Followed by the debate "Information and cognitive bias: a dangerous cocktail "

In partnership with the University of Geneva


Giuliano Da Empoli Writer and essayist, author of the novel "Le Mage du Kremlin"

Mona Spiridon Co-director of the Bioscope and responsible for scientific mediation activities at the Neurocenter, UNIGE

Pascal Wagner-Egger Social psychologist at the University of Fribourg

Hannes Grassegger Journalist and founder of Polaris News

Moderated by

Gaëtan Vannay Strategic communication consultant in the context of conflict resolution

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Out of Competition - Documentary

The Hungarian Playbook

By Bence Máté & Áron Szentpéteri

During the 2022 election campaign in Hungary, Viktor Orbán enjoys unprecedented media support. "The Hungarian Playbook" denounces the State propaganda and its control over the Hungarian media. Using exclusive footage and documents taken directly from the headquarters of the State media, Bence Máté and Áron Szentpéteri reveal how the Prime Minister's office controls 80% of the media market. A hard-hitting film that questions the authoritarianism of some governments in the European Union and attacks on press freedom.

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Bence Máté & Áron Szentpéteri
Bence Máté & Áron Szentpéteri

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