STREET ART | Zoo project | From 04.03 to 13.03

From 04.03 to 13.03 at the Espace 51 and also at the 1st floor of the Espace Pitoëff More informations on : http://www.galerielignetreize.ch/art/espace-51/

Bilal Berreni, alias Zoo Project, was a street artist searching for freedom. Soon the drawings overflowed the notebooks, and the street became his playground. From the age of 15, he flooded the walls of his Parisian neighbourhood, then moved his cursors, changing the space of action, his eyes on the Tunisian revolutions, the Libyan refugee camps or the populations on the borders of Siberia... He expressed himself with spontaneity and determination without speech and any censorship. His life ended tragically on a street corner in Detroit, where he was murdered at the age of 23. The exhibition presents drawings, texts, and photographs of his multiple works in a raw and expressive style, which is the sign of a creative, independent, committed and passionate gesture.

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Friday 4 March


Espace Pitoëff - Premier étage


Presented by Espace 51 /Galerie LIGNEtreize