IMMERSIVE INSTALLATION | I’m out of this world, I’ve left a universe

By Fatou Dravé From 11.03 to 12.03 Opening the 10.03 starting to 18:00

I'm out of this world, I've left a universe is an immersive installation, an Afrofuturist tale about a time traveller working to build her own archive. She leaves behind fragments for future visitors to decipher and use on their journeys. These fragments are comprised of various visual elements mixing collages, digital illustrations, a sound piece with the voice of the time traveller, as well as a language presented in the form of an alphabet

AfriqueArt & Engagement

Thursday 10 March


L’Abri - Madeleine

Free admission from 11:00 am to 5:00pm


Presented by L’Abri


Fatou Dravé

Pauline Deutsch Filmmaker and program coordinator at the FIFDH