Dakar and street art: graffiti artist Zeinixx in front of Mariama Baldé’s camera

Zeinixx a short film by Mariama Baldé, followed by the screening of Casablanca Beats by Nabil Ayouch

Zeinixx paints a portrait of the first Senegalese graffiti artist and slammer Dieynaba Sidibé. In March 2021, a popular uprising broke out in Dakar and several other major cities in Senegal, just as she travelled to Geneva to create a fresco as part of the FIFDH's 19th edition. Forced to experience these decisive events remotely, we discover the political commitment of the Senegalese urban youth alongside her.

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Saturday 12 March


Le Commun

sold out - in case of cancellation, tickets will be put back on sale before the screening

Preceded by the short film Zeinixx



Mariama Baldé Film director of Zeinixx

Dieynaba Sidibé Alias Zeinixx, Senegal's first female graffiti artist

Moderated by

Pauline Deutsch Filmmaker and program coordinator at the FIFDH

This debat is followed by the movie:

Compétition - Fiction

Casablanca Beats

By Nabil Ayouch

Anas, a former rapper, is hired as an animator in a cultural centre in Casablanca. With his help, the teenagers will embrace rap and hip-hop as a means of expressing their rage, fears and rejection of tradition. Inspired by his childhood, Nabil Ayouch (Much Loved, Razzia) captures the energy of a Moroccan youth on the verge of implosion, its furious need for change and the liberating power of music, carried by an outstanding cast of young non-professional actors.

Cinema release at City Club Pully: March 2022

  • Section Compétition - Fiction
  • Original language(s) Arabic
  • Subtitle(s) French & English

AfricaArt & EngagementYouth

Nabil Ayouch
Nabil Ayouch & Maryam Touzani


  • Ismail Adouab
  • Meriem Nekkach
  • Nouhaila Arif
  • Zineb Boujemaa
  • Abdelilah Basbousi
  • Mehdi Razzouk
  • Amina Kannan
  • Soufiane Belali
  • Samah Barigou
  • Marwa Kniniche
  • Maha Menan
  • Anas Basbousi

World sales

  • Wild Bunch International


  • Ali N'Productions
  • Les Films du Nouveau Monde
  • Unité de Production


  • Amine Messadi
  • Virginie Surdej


  • Mike Et Fabien Kourtzer


  • Nassim El Mounabbih


  • Marie-Hélène Dozo
  • Yassir Hamani
  • Julia Grégory
Production country
Morocco & France
Swiss Premiere