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DANCE Nakupenda

Compagnie Par Terre During the Groove'n'Move Festival

Dancer and choreographer Yves Mwamba narrates and dances his own story, a story that is closely intertwined with that of hip-hop dance in Africa and with that of his country, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Yves Mwamba makes us sing and dance with humour and lightness and transports us into a dreamlike universe populated by ancestors and demons. From the United States to Kisangani by way of Paris, he invites us to follow hip-hop's footsteps with "Hip-Hop Nakupenda": "hip-hop, I love you", in Swahili.


Thursday 10 March


Salle communale du Petit-Lancy (Lancy)

Info and tickets : www.groove-n-move.ch