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As far as impossible | Tiago Rodrigues

We speak metaphorically of the theatre of operations when we talk about humanitarian missions, but here it is the theatre stage that concerns us. Tiago Rodrigues, the newly appointed director of the Avignon Festival, is an eminent Portuguese author, filmmaker, director and actor who has just spent several months immersed in international and humanitarian Geneva to prepare the play Dans la mesure de l'impossible for the Comédie de Genève in February 2022. By meeting humanitarian workers and discussing their dilemmas, Rodrigues ends up examining his own artistic commitment. Should one save the world or fictionalise it? Should we throw ourselves into the battle or denounce it? Should one act directly upon reality or merely portray it? Does one go into the field to realise oneself... or to play a role?

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Friday 11 March


Comédie de Genève

Co-presented with the Comédie de Genève


Isabelle Gattiker General and artistic director of the FIFDH

Denis Maillefer

Romain Girard Director of the film As far as possible

Chantal Bernheim Producer of the film As far as possible


Tiago Rodrigues Author, stage director, director of the Festival d'Avignon and actor

Moderated by

Yves Daccord Executive President of the Edgelands Institute, Co-President of the Principles for Peace initiative and former Director General of the ICRC

This debat is preceded by the movie:

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Dans la mesure du possible

By Romain Girard

This film traces the creation of the new play by Tiago Rodrigues, playwright, filmmaker and director of the Avignon Festival: Dans la mesure de l'impossible - created in February 2022 at the Comédie de Genève. In Geneva, Rodrigues sets out to meet humanitarians and their dilemmas while simultaneously examining artistic commitment. Should we save the world or fictionalise it? Should we throw ourselves into the battle or denounce it from afar? To act directly on reality or to speak of it?
Co-presented with the RTS

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Romain Girard


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