Reinventing schools: yes, but how? and Le Temps report on the results of their major year-long survey on schools in Switzerland and around the world.

In March 2021, during the 19th edition of the FIFDH, launched a major debate on schools and announced that its journalists would be leaving for months of reporting and investigation the following week, in partnership with Le Temps. The aim? To find out what works in state education, in Switzerland and around the world. One year on, the work is complete: from Val-de-Ruz to Hong Kong, from Valais to Finland, from Lucerne to Singapore, another kind of schooling is possible: a more inclusive, more innovative school, which trusts teachers, and better responds to the expectations and needs of the primary stakeholders, the students. The ideas and good practises collected on four continents raise questions about our state school systems' functioning in French-speaking Switzerland, which sometimes appear to be static. Can they evolve, inspired by often exciting experiences, or are they doomed to be a disappointment?


Saturday 12 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre


Co-presented by


Anne Emery-Torracinta Geneva State Councillor in charge of the Department of Education, Training and Youth (DIP)

Fabrice Sourget Director of the School Circle, Val-De-Ruz

Sandrine Breithaupt Associate Professor at the University of Education Vaud

Anne Thorel Ruegsegger Secretary General of the Federation of Parents' Associations in Compulsory Education (FAPEO)

Moderated by

Serge Michel Director of and deputy editor-in-chief of Le Temps

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