The power of law to defend the Rhone

Initiatives advocating the recognition of the rights of nature are proliferating: the Whanganui River in New Zealand is now a "legal entity"; the Rhone could follow suit, but Europe is lagging in this area. The Call of the Rhone wants to amend this delay.

Current legislation has shortcomings and cannot stop climate change; it is based on the notion of repairing the damage done instead of pres- ervation or prevention. Whereas the new para- digm, which makes it possible to assign a legal personality to a natural entity, makes it possible "to prevent future damage in the face of the cli- mate crisis before it happens, rather than acting after the disasters" explains Valérie Cabanes, a specialist in international law. In New Zealand, as in Canada, two rivers have just been attrib- uted a "legal personality". And in Switzerland? A public campaign initiated by the association Id-eau was launched in September 2021 to give the Rhône the legal means to defend itself. For its director, Frédéric Pitaval, it is necessary to "shake up the dominant ideas" and have the law changed to respond to the climate emergency.


Friday 11 March


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Followed by the debate The power of law to defend the Rhone.



Frédéric Pitaval Director of the Association id-eau

Marie-Thérèse Sangra Secretary-General of WWF Valais

Gilles Mulhauser Director General of the Cantonal Office for Water (OCEau)

Moderated by

Julie Kummer Journalist for the news podcast Le Point J, RTS

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Compétition - Documentaire de créationFilms en VOD

Invisible Demons

By Rahul Jain

Dizzying, bewitching... Words fail to describe this new opus by Rahul Jain, co-written with Yaël Bitton and presented at Cannes. For the past 30 years, economic growth in India has been synonymous with ecological disaster. Gripped by the urgency of the situation, Jain tells us about his city, New Delhi and its demonic invisible invaders: the fine particles that are slowly killing people. Powerful and impassioned, his camera tries to breathe and work its way through, inspiring us to see, imagine and reflect.

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