The sirens of green finance

Banks and public institutions had anticipated the arrival of the green wave. For several years now, two words have obsessed them to no end. But what does the term "sustainable finance" really disguise?

Journalists François Pilet and Marie Maurisse have delved into the workings of sustainable finance in Switzerland and Europe and have dissected the ethical investment funds marketed by the banks. The reality they uncovered has nothing to do with the "green" financial products advertised by banking institutions. Will the financial industry become the new spearhead of the green wave? Following the screening of La Finance lave plus vert, François Pilet and some of his interviewees will continue their reflection on the reality of sustainable finance. Whether by investing our savings or through our social insurance, the promises of green finance concern us all. What influence, if any, can we wield as citizens?


Wednesday 9 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Followed by the debate Co-presented with RTS and Public Eye.


Co-presented with RTS and Public Eye


Géraldine Viret Spokesperson for French-speaking Switzerland, Public Eye


François Pilet Journalist, directed the documentary investigation

Angela De Wolff Partner and CEO of Conser, co-founder of the Swiss Sustainable Finance

Bertrand Piccard Psychiatrist, explorer and environmentalist

Lucile Schmid Vice chairman of La Fabrique Ecologique

Marie Maurisse Journalist, directed the documentary investigation

Moderated by

Renaud Malik Journalist for Forum, RTS

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“La finance verte est-elle un leurre“ ? dans La Story, 8 novembre 2021.

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Films thématiques

La Finance lave plus vert

By Matteo Born & Romain Girard

Since autumn 2019, a green wave has been sweeping across Europe. The climate issues raised by Greta Thunberg and the thousands of protesters are bringing a new, younger, female generation to power, promising to shake up the climate-sceptic old guard. A wind of change anticipated by banks and public institutions, who for some years now have been shifting to “sustainable finance”. Following the financial crisis and repeated tax scandals, an opportunity to improve its image has presented itself for the banking sector.

Co-presented with the RTS

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Matteo Born & Romain Girard
François Pilet Et Marie Maurisse


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