Sexual and reproductive rights: a never-ending struggle

48 years after the historic Roe v Wade ruling (1973) in the United States, and while some countries such as Ireland and Argentina have only recently legalised abortion, part of the world is still questioning this right. Why are women's bodies and what they decide to do with them still controversial? What political impact do these attacks have today, and what consequences? How can this fundamental right be guaranteed for all women, not only in law but also in practice? Young American activist Paxton Smith, who has succeeded in raising the awareness of an entire generation with a viral speech, as well as the sociologist Jacqueline Heinen and sexual health counsellor Chantal Abouchar, who brings a Swiss perspective to these questions, will all attempt to provide some answers to these questions.


Wednesday 9 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

Followed by the debate Sexual and reproductive rights: a never-ending struggle.

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Co-presented by the Maurice Chalumeau Centre for Sexual Sciences at the University of Geneva and the service Agenda 21 - Ville durable de la Ville de Genève as part of the 2022 Equality Week entitled "Haut les corps, à bas les tabous" / With the support of Association XYZ


Héloïse Roman Equality Projects Officer, Agenda 21 - Ville durable

Lorena Parini Member of the Scientific Commission of the Maurice Chalumeau Centre for Sexual Sciences of the University of Geneva


Paxton Smith Activist from Texas, author of a plea in favour of abortion rights during her high school graduation

Chantal Abouchar Sexual health counsellor, midwife and member of the GI commission of Santé Sexuelle Suisse

Jacqueline Heinen Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University, specialist in women's rights

Moderated by

Esther Meunier Freelance journalist

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“L'accès à l'IVG remis en question aux États-Unis, il est entre les mains de la Cour suprême“ dans France Culture, 1/12/21.

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Que Sea Ley

By Juan Solanas

In Argentina, where abortion is illegal, a woman dies every week from clandestine abortion. Over the course of eight weeks, the bill was fiercely debated in the Senate but also in the streets, where tens of thousands of activists demonstrated to defend this fundamental right. Filmmaker Juan Solanas poignantly recounts the extraordinary mobilisation that sparked hope for change.

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Juan Solanas


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