Who can challenge China?

Human rights defenders are concerned about China: not only has Beijing deprived Hong Kong of its freedom, but the Chinese government is also exporting its model of governance. A sign of boundless ambition?

Beijing has made multilateralism its credo and international Geneva one of its arenas. An increasing number of human rights violations are attributed to the Chinese government, but the latter succeeds in paralyzing international institutions through infiltration. The World of Xi Jinping shows in a way that is both convincing and worrying that the Chinese president intends to extend his influence and compete with, if not openly fight, a democratic and liberal vision of the world. How can we prevent Beijing from imposing its authoritarian governance model and human rights paradigm? The question is urgent, says Nathan Law, a former leader of the Umbrella Movement who fought to keep Hong Kong free. How can democratic values be reaffirmed in the face of a technological dictatorship that boasts impressive economic success?

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Friday 4 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Followed by the debate Who can challenge China ? The debate will be followed by a signing session with journalist and writer, Christine Ockrent, and Honk Kong activist, Nathan Law.

French - English

Co-presented with Human Rights Watch (HRW) and France Culture


Nathan Law Democracy activist and former Hong Kong legislator

Kenneth Roth Executive director of Human Rights Watch

Françoise Nicolas Director of the Asia Centre of the French Institute of International Relations

Marie Holzman President of the association Solidarité Chine and specialist in contemporary China

Nicolas Walder National Councillor Les Vert·es

Moderated by

Christine Ockrent Journalist and writer, producer of the program Affaires étrangères, France Culture

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“Xi Jinping ou le nouveau Grand Timonier“ dans France Culture. (

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The World of Xi Jinping

By Sophie Lepault

Now president for life, Xi Jinping, is taking advantage of the Covid crisis to speed up the great unification by intensifying the crackdown on Hong Kong, on the Uighurs of Xinjiang, and threatening to invade Taiwan. He wishes for a unified Chinese nation. All minorities, religious, ethnic or ideological, must be assimilated into the dominant culture, willingly or by force. While the majority of the Chinese population seems to adhere to his project, the international community has become aware of the true face of the Chinese president and the nature of his regime.
Co-presented with ARTE

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Sophie Lepault


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