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Bullshit Jobs for the “lucky” few? Interview with Dominique Méda and Erik Orsenna

The pandemic has led to job insecurity and a political awakening. Sociologist Dominique Méda identifies a paradigm shift and numerous risks within this new dynamic.

The development and systematisation of home office during confinement has changed our relationship to work. Many voices are calling for the revaluation of certain professions, the generalisation of part-time work, an increased minimum wage or even basic universal income. All these issues are becoming increasingly important in rethinking the world of work. French sociologist Dominique Méda envisions two scenarios: the end of salaried employment with the generalisation of home office and work on demand, allowing large platforms to offer remote delocalised services; or rethinking work from an ecological perspective with the key words: democratise, de-commodify, depollute. She will engage in a dialogue with Erik Orsenna, the author of the "l’Exposition Coloniale" and the "Petit précis de mondialisation", who advocates a rethinking of capitalism.

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Tuesday 9 March


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The conversation will be held in French only.


Dominique Méda Sociology professor and director of the Institut de Recherche Interdisciplinaire en sciences sociales of the Paris Dauphine university

Erik Orsenna Writer, member of the Académie française and winner of the Prix Goncourt

Moderated by

Geraldine Mosna-Savoye Producer of Carnet de philo on France Culture