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A conversation with Santiago Amigorena

For more than twenty years, Santiago H. Amigorena has been waking up at dawn to pursue one of the most sumptuous and dense autobiographical works of contemporary literature. Beginning with A Laconic Childhood (P.O.L, 1998), this roman-monde draws a melancholy and poetic portrait of the author who, seeking to "exhaust life", touches on the sublime in Le Ghetto intérieur (2019). Between despair and dignity is the story of his grandfather, Vicente Rosenberg, who emigrated to Buenos Aires when his family, who had remained in Europe, succumbed to the Shoah. A drama from which the writer's grandfather never recovered: seeking refuge in internal confinement, his guilt and silence were to leave a deep imprint on the family memory. A member of the FIFDH 21’s International Jury, Santiago H. Amigorena will reflect on "the melancholy existence of exile" during an exceptional discussion.

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Thursday 4 March


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The conversation will be held in French only.

Co-produced with the Fondation Jan Michalski pour l’écriture et la littérature and co-presented with RTS Genève Vision


Santiago Amigorena Writer, screenwriter, filmmaker, member of the FIFDH Jury

Moderated by

Salomé Kiner Journalist, Le Temps and