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Are algorithms sexist?

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms do what they are asked to do, what they are programmed to do. In this way, they reflect the image of society and suffer from the same biases, based on gender stereotypes and racism.

Facial recognition programmes struggle when applied to racialised people and women. Why is this? Because the algorithms used share the biases of their programmers. In fact, the algorithms at the basis of innumerable applications in daily life do not possess the neutrality we attribute to them: they reproduce the prejudices of their creators and, more generally, of society. With the Covid-19 pandemic, collection of personal data on citizens has intensified. This State surveillance coupled with algorithmic biases poses serious threats to democracy and human rights.


Monday 8 March


En ligne

The debate will be held in French and English with simultaneous English and French interpretation.

Co-presented with the Service Agenda 21 – Ville durable de la Ville de Genève in the context of the Semaine de l’égalité 2021 titled “Elle-x-s sont dans la place ! », and the Bureau de promotion de l’égalité et de prévention des violences (BPEV).


Julia Kloiber Managing director and co-founder of the feminist technology think-tank Superrr Lab and partner at Ashoka Germany

Isabelle Collet Professor in Sciences of Education at the University of Geneva

Teresa Scantamburlo Post-doctoral researcher at the European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT) and co-founder of the AI4EU Observatory on Society and AI

Moderated by

Mehdi Atmani Freelance investigative journalist and founder of the editorial production agency Flypaper