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Space, that lawless place

Space law consists, for the most part, of treaties drawn up during the Cold War and ratified almost fifty years ago. Today, it seems outdated and incapable of providing a framework for the exploitation of space resources or addressing the crucial issues of satellite-related pollution.

With the multiplication of satellites and their use for commercial or military purposes, the urgent need for the establishment of a binding legal framework to manage activities in space is becoming apparent. As a sign of this economic enthusiasm for space, Elon Musk's SpaceX has organised commercial space flights and increased the number of satellite launches. Concurrently, Romandie-based start-up ClearSpace has signed a major contract with the European Space Agency to clean up space of one of the debris that clutters it, the first initiative of its kind. Can Switzerland make an international commitment to protect the cosmos? Could Geneva assume a pioneering role by advocating the drafting of a new space law, legitimised by its international vocation? Three space specialists will decipher the major legal issues related to the contemporary space odyssey.

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Friday 12 March


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The debate will be held in French with simultaneous interpretation into English


Muriel Richard-Noca Co-founder and chief engineer of Swiss startup ClearSpace

Benjamin Guyot Lawyer, Doctor of Law, responsible for launch services contracts for the European Space Agency (ESA)

Christophe Bonnal Space Debris expert - CNES Launcher Directorate

Luc Piguet CEO and co-Founder of ClearSpace

Moderated by

Marcel Mione Journalist, producer of the magazine Géopolitis, RTS