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Eaux-Vives : Maisonneuve, à l'école du vivre ensemble

In presence of the filmmaker Nicolas Wadimoff

16:30 musical welcome with the young musicians of the Youth Service and the Teenagers' Meeting Centre - La Source 

17:30 projection

19:00 discussion about the film in the presence of the filmmaker and of the FASe

19:30 buffet prepared by the youth of the Youth Service and the Teenagers' Meeting Centre - La Source

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Sunday 15 March


Maison de quartier des Eaux-Vives


En collaboration avec la Maison de Quartier des Eaux Vives, le Centre de rencontre des adolescents – La Source et le BIE


Nicolas Wadimoff Film Director

Moderated by

Sophie Helle

Competition - Grand reportage

Maisonneuve, à l’école du vivre ensemble 

by Nicolas Wadimoff

In 2016, 10 students from the Collège de Maisonneuve in Quebec left or attempted to leave to join the jihad. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the institution set up a dynamic project called "Vivre ensemble", combining workshops, talks and creative projects. Nicolas Wadimoff and Emmanuelle Walter set their camera up in a turbulent environment: 45% of the students at Maisonneuve come from an immigrant background, and segregated communities have formed between the students, making communication difficult. For one full school year, the filmmakers give a platform to the students, teachers, and facilitators, weaving a film of great subtlety.

A RTS and Arte film

  • Section: Competition - Grand reportage
  • Original language: French

North AmericaYouthMigrations


Nicolas Wadimoff


Nicolas Wadimoff & Emannuelle Walter


  • Philippe Coeytaux
  • Isabelle Couture
  • Serge Gordey


  • Akka Films





Production country

Canada, France & Switzerland

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