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Masterclass: Cinema as Human Rights Practice: the Skylight model

For over three decades Skylight has pioneered methods for making and using human rights media that have had visible impact on the course of social development, progress, democracy, and human rights.

Now, with Cinema as Human Rights Practice, Paco de Onís will share the Skylight model for making and using human rights media to change the world.  This presentation will open your eyes to possibilities for making and using media as part of humanity’s ongoing quest to live in a just and sustainable world.
You don’t have to be a filmmaker to appreciate this experience. This immersion and exploration of the world of human rights filmmaking will be an exciting and intellectually stimulating journey for all who choose to participate. You may be a lover of documentaries, a human rights advocate, an activist or student, a lawyer or student of law; we are certain that you will find something in the presentation that expands your thinking and appreciation, and ultimately your ability to make and use human rights media to change the world

Tuesday 10 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre


Paco De Onis Co-founder of Skylight Pictures