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Grand Genève et Suisse romande

Champagne : Pano: Youth for Climate

19:00 opening of the doors
19:30 projection 
20:15 discussion on climate engagement among youth in the presence of the film's protagonist and a Swiss activist.
Drinks will be offered afterwards by the Municipality 

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Friday 13 March


Champagne - Salle communale d'Avusy


Anuna De Wever Belgian Flemish climate activist, creator of the Belgian Youth for Climate movement, protagonist in Youth for Climate

Mathilde Marendaz Militante pour le Climat, Suisse

Moderated by

Sebastian Justiniano Responsable durabilité/agenda 2030, Association Suisse - ONU

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Thematic film

Pano: Youth For Climate

By Sarah Sylbing

For a few months, teenagers all over the world have been skipping school to fight for a more robust climate policy. This has brought them a lot of media attention and international followers, but also negative reactions. In just a few weeks’ time, they make international headlines. We follow the founders of Belgian organization Youth for Climate and meet their biggest inspiration Greta Thunberg in Brussels.

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Sarah Sylbing

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