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Grand Genève et Suisse romande

Anières : Prison for Profit

18:30 drinks offered by the Municipality 
19:30 projection 
21:00 discussion on the privatisation of prisons and administrative detention, in Switzerland and elsewhere


Thursday 12 March


Salle communale d'Anières


Michael Flynn Executive Director of the Global Detention Project

Abdul Aziz Muhamat Refugees advocate and 2019 Martin Ennals Prize winner.

Moderated by

Yves Magat Journaliste

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Grand reportage

Prison for Profit

By Ilse Van Velzen & Femke Van Velzen

The South African private prison of Mangaung opened its doors in 2001. Its operator, the security company G4S, promises state-of-the-art treatment for the 3,000 prisoners - naturally, at the lowest cost. But once the G4S shareholder logic takes hold, with its expectation of a return on investment, the reality is quite different: the prison is gradually deteriorating and becoming much more expensive than when it was State-run. G4S, which operates in 90 countries, is the world's third largest private employer and this compelling documentary reveals the secrets of a sick global economy.

  • Section Competition - Grand reportage


Ilse Van Velzen & Femke Van Velzen


  • Ilse & Femke Van Velzen

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