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A Conversation with Ernest Pignon-Ernest

"That's all I've been doing for 50 years: challenging mankind." Does Ernest Pignon-Ernest, street-art pioneer, forerunner of Banksy and JR, still need an introduction? With a unique blend of revolt and poetry, he has been covering the walls of major cities with his ephemeral images since 1966, with a predilection for poets, martyrs and the forgotten. From Soweto to Paris, from Naples to Ramallah, from Nice to Rome, the walls remember his drawings. Investing the places, capturing the atmosphere, he seizes both "everything that can be seen: space, light, colours and, simultaneously, everything that cannot be seen or is no longer seen: history, buried memories". 
For 50 years, his work has been presented by the greatest international museums, and he is the artist in honour of this edition of the Festival.


Wednesday 11 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Co-presented with the Service de la culture de la Ville de Meyrin


Ernest Pignon

Moderated by

Isabelle Gattiker General and artistic director, FIFDH