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Menstrual health: Periods without taboos?

Even today, menstruation remains taboo and access to sanitary protection is a privilege not afforded to vulnerable people and minority groups. But why do we afford so little consideration to menstruation?

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Menstrual blood is an awkward subject. The cost of sanitary protection, so-called "pink" taxes, pain, barriers blocking access to education or hygiene and therefore to health, are all regularly overlooked by political and social agendas. Today, activists and entrepreneurs are speaking out about the situation and proposing courses of action to counter this invisible situation in order to recognise the full diversity of experiences of the persons concerned. Is it possible to talk openly about menstruation nowadays, overcoming shame and taboos?
Filmed over 6 days - the average length of menstruation - WOMENstruate shares the lives and daily routines of seven African women through their experiences of menstruation, revealing the discrimination and the consequences on their health and self-image.


Sunday 8 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle


Axelle De Sousa Activist against menstrual precariousness

Ayanda Dlamini Protagonist in WOMENstruate

Jamie Raines LGBT+ Activist, raising awareness on transmen period experiences

Lauren Anders Brown Filmmaker of WOMENstruate

Moderated by

Anne-Claire Adet Co-director of the festival Les Créatives

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By Lauren Anders Brown

What could be more mundane and ordinary than a woman’s period? And yet for many women, periods come with stigma and taboos. WOMENstruate offers an insight into the menstrual experience of seven women across Africa. Shot in six days, the average length of menstruation, this comprehensive documentary defends the trivialization of menstruation, despite it still being emblematic of much discrimination against women.

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Lauren Anders Brown


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