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About Sous la peau: the reality of trans* youth in Geneva today

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Sous la peau follows 3 young trans* individuals as they embark on their transition journey, describing the changes they and their entourage are experiencing. For two years Logan, Effie, Söan, and those who accompany them in their quest for identity, courageously shared their stories and experiences to Robin Harsch's camera. The result is an intimate and poignant film, followed by a discussion on transidentity. How can we better understand and welcome transgender people? How to accompany them on their individual path? In what ways can we break down psychological, administrative, legal and social barriers to create a more welcoming environment of gender diversity?
Legal age 10, recommended age 12.


Monday 9 March


Cinéma Bio (Carouge)

Co-presented with the Service Agenda 21 - Ville durable de la Ville de Genève, the RTS and Dialogai


Robin Harsch Filmmaker

Alexia Scappaticci Coordinator of the Refuge Genève and film's protagonist

Effie Alexandra Nolasco, Söan Et Logan Film's protagonists

Moderated by

Caroline Dayer Doctor and researcher, trainer and consultant

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Grand reportage

Under the Skin

By Robin Harsch

Who are we underneath our skin? What defines us as a person? If one day your child were to tell you that he or she wants to change sex, would you still love him or her as much as you did before? This intimate film tells the story of the quest for identity and the family upheaval experienced by three teenagers in transition at Le Refuge, a shelter for young LGBTIQ people in Geneva. With deep sensitivity and in successive touches, Robin Harsch tells us a story of love... and, quite simply, humanity. 

A RTS film

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Robin Harsch


  • Britta Rindelaub


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