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About Maisonneuve: how to apprehend cultural diversity in Geneva?

In presence of the filmmaker Nicolas Wadimoff

In 2016, at Maisonneuve High School in Montreal, ten students left or attempted to leave for Syria. A pilot project is then implemented to bring the different communities together. Students, professionals and administration are confronted with the delicate issue of cultural difference. Two models of integration are competing: multiculturalism versus secularism. The discussion will provide an overview of the situation in Geneva, particularly in the curricular and extra-curricular context. How do we apprehend cultural diversity and what measures are being taken against discrimination and exclusion?


Tuesday 10 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Event proposed by the Office for Integration of Foreigners of the Republic and State of Geneva, and co-presented with the RTS, the University of Geneva and the Geneva (UNIGE) Foundation for the socio-cultural animation


Thierry Apothéloz State Councilor, Department of Social Cohesion


Nicolas Wadimoff Film Director

Myriam Radhouane Researcher, research group on international and comparative education & Innovation-Training-Education Lab, UNIGE

Sandrine Queiroga Fondation genevoise pour l'animation socioculturelle (FASe)

Sylvain Rudaz Director-General for Secondary Education II, DIP

Emmanuelle Walter Co-writer of the film

Moderated by

André Crettenand Head of International Relations, RTS

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Grand reportage

Maisonneuve, à l’école du vivre ensemble 

By Nicolas Wadimoff

In 2016, 10 students from the Collège de Maisonneuve in Quebec left or attempted to leave to join the jihad. In the aftermath of the tragedy, the institution set up a dynamic project called "Vivre ensemble", combining workshops, talks and creative projects. Nicolas Wadimoff and Emmanuelle Walter set their camera up in a turbulent environment: 45% of the students at Maisonneuve come from an immigrant background, and segregated communities have formed between the students, making communication difficult. For one full school year, the filmmakers give a platform to the students, teachers, and facilitators, weaving a film of great subtlety.

A RTS and Arte film

  • Section Competition - Grand reportage

North AmericaJeunesMigrations

Nicolas Wadimoff
Emannuelle Walter & Nicolas Wadimoff


  • Philippe Coeytaux
  • Isabelle Couture
  • Serge Gordey


  • Akka Films
Production country
Morocco, Slovakia & Portugal