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In Palestine, injustice is also environmental

Adapting to climate change in Palestine is more of a political issue than a purely environmental one. How can we ensure the survival of a people that are both Stateless and deprived of their natural resources?

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Although Israelis and Palestinians live in the same territorial space, the latter, under occupation, suffer more severely from the effects of global warming. With rising temperatures, changes in rainfall and desertification, the impact on agriculture, water and health sectors are and will be greater for Palestinians than for Israelis. Global warming is a real threat to the existence of Palestine, already jeopardized by Israeli occupation and exacerbated by the inaction and division of the Palestinian authorities. The occupation, and the extension of the supposedly temporary Oslo Accords, which have now lasted 26 years, keeps the Palestinian Authority non-sovereign, delegitimized and incapable of responding to the climate emergency. How can a right to natural resources and the environment be re-established in this disputed territory?
GAZA sheds light on the lives of Palestinians in a besieged Gaza Strip who, despite a pervasive lack of natural resources and hope, find ways to open up living spaces.


Saturday 14 March


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Zena Agha Writer and policy analyst with Al-Shabaka.

Michael Mason Director of the Middle East Centre, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Moderated by

Alaa Tartir Research Associate, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peace-building, IHEID

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Competition - Creative documentary


By Garry Keane & Andrew Mcconnell

With infinite sensitivity, the filmmakers portray Gaza beyond the ruins and the endless conflict, focusing on Karma and Ahmed, two teenagers whose lives differ in every way: Ahmed lives in a refugee camp with his father and his three wives, and his 35 brothers and sisters, and dreams of becoming a fisherman. As for Karma, she lives in a liberal middle-class apartment and aspires to an impossible life elsewhere. Between laughter and tears, we also cross paths with an enthusiastic theatre director, a spirited taxi driver, and wedding-planner twins. In this film, Gaza displays its colours and know-how, its music, its complexity and its pride.

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Garry Keane & Andrew Mcconnell


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