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From local revolts to global protest?

Confronted with troubled political regimes and drastic increases in inequality, people in many countries are taking to the streets to demand change. What links can be drawn between these uprisings?

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Over the past year, more than 50 countries have seen citizen uprisings. Whether against electoral fraud, corruption or mismanagement, inequality, attacks on the judiciary or for the right to information: anger spills over into the streets and States often find themselves unprepared for the anger of people. The number, diversity and simultaneous nature of the revolts makes their analysis difficult. When the whole world is watching, a local protest immediately becomes global. How can we understand these uprisings that are tearing apart the countries of the South as much as those of the North? And how can we explain the fact that some crises receive more media coverage than others?
I Am Not Alone tells the story of the Armenian journalist Nikol Pashinyan who begins a 40-day journey through Armenia to inspire a revolution and put an end to the corruption of the country's ruling elite.

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Tuesday 10 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

Co-presented with HYESTART and Jai Jagat 2020


Benjamin Joyeux Jai Jagat 2020

Alain Navarra-Navassartian President of HYESTART


Lyonel Trouillot Author and poet

Amon Yiu Yeuk-Wa Activist from Demosisto, Hong Kong

Perla Joe Maalouly Filmmaker / Artist / Activist

Moderated by

Christophe Ayad Special Correspondent, Le Monde

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Competition - Creative documentary

I Am Not Alone

By Garin Hovannisian

In April 2018, Nikol Pashinyan, set out alone to cross Armenia with his backpack. His mission: to denounce and overthrow the corrupt regime. Little by little, he is joined by huge crowds. There after follows 40 days of the Velvet Revolution that would change Armenia forever. Challenging the description of the Armenian people "who had forgotten how to dream", this powerful, fast-paced documentary tells the story of a revolution by combining front-line footage with fascinating interviews of all the protagonists, including the overthrown president. An event-film that tells the story of our time. 

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