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End of the world: shelter for the Swiss?

Switzerland was ready for a nuclear war, which did not come. The climate threat however is very real. And this time, the army and activists are uniting to fight it.

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Switzerland is the only country in the world that is prepared to accommodate its entire population in nuclear bunkers. But today global warming is a more immediate threat than a nuclear winter. What does a country that is a world champion of prevention and preparedness do when faced with a threat against which bunkers are futile? Soldiers and activists, survivalists and environmentalists, the government and citizens must consider our uncertain and dangerous future. Does Switzerland have specific measures in place to protect its citizens?
The commentated photos of the Geneva photojournalist Niels Ackermann will be screened as an introduction to this event. His work, entitled Wurst-Käse Szenario accompanies the Exploration by, the new Swiss media outlet that has sent a Franco-Moroccan journalist to explore the Swiss archipelago of fear.


Monday 9 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Co-presented with Heidi.News


Niels Ackermann Photojournalist.


Ghalia Kadiri Reporter

Grégoire Chambaz Associate Editor, Swiss Military Review

Mathieu Glayre Co-founder of the political ecology journal Moins! ("Less!")

Solal Gilbert Climate Activist for earth and life.

Moderated by

Serge Michel Editorial Director of