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About Overseas - Domestic work: an unclean business?

Every day we come across Filipino domestic workers in the streets of Geneva. Have you ever wondered what their names are or how old they are? How long ago they left their homeland? Under what conditions? Overseas is a sharp and delicate immersion in the learning centres designed to train most of the 200,000 women who each year leave to work in Hong Kong, Dubai or Rome. Following the screening, filmmaker Sung-A Yoon will reveal how this movie came to life and the discussion will be an opportunity to question the way we conceive domestic work, but also to highlight the local context: in Geneva, are these women protected?


Sunday 15 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Co-presented with the Bureau de promotion de l’égalité et de prévention des violences (BPEV) and the University of Geneva (UNIGE)


Sung-A Yoon Filmmaker

Julien Debonneville Author of a PhD thesis entitled "Les écoles de la servitude aux Philippines" (2016), Institute of Gender Studies, UNIGE

Camille Stauffer Trade union secretary, SIT

Moderated by

Colette Fry Head of the Bureau de promotion de l’égalité et de prévention des violences (BPEV)

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Creative documentary


By Sung-A Yoon

How should you set up a table for dinner? How should you wash a baby? What can you do when your boss tries to rape you? Every year, 200,000 Filipino women pass through specialized training centres before leaving to work as domestic servants in New York, Dubai or Geneva. They go through a series of role-playing games, changing the scenario every day. This film gives a face to these invisible women, and captures their vibrant testimonies, where fear and excitement are mixed with sadness at the idea of leaving their own children. A documentary gem which interrogates the meaning of “work” today and pays tribute to these overwhelmingly brave women.

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Sung-A Yoon


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