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I owe you a letter about Brazil

By Carol Benjamin

Brazil, 1971, César Benjamin is 17 years old. After a student demonstration, he is tortured and sentenced to 13 years in prison. Thanks to a campaign led by his mother Iramaya and backed by Amnesty International, the teenager is released after 5 years in solitary confinement. Exiled in Sweden, César will never speak of this tragedy, just as the fiery Iramaya becomes the figurehead of "Mother Courage" in Brazil. In the form of a moving letter to her father, who refused to appear in the film, Carol Benjamin uses video archives and letters to reconstruct the pieces of a family puzzle and a tragedy that is also one of a whole country. Her film letter pits words against the silence, memory against oblivion, but is above all a love letter to a father and his courage.

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Carol Benjamin


  • Carol Benjamin
  • João Moreira Salles
  • Eliane Ferreira
  • Maria Carlota Bruno
  • Pablo Iraola
  • Leandra Leal
  • Rita Toledo


  • Luiz Bretz

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Monday 9 March


Grütli - Salle Simon

In the presence of the filmmaker Carol Benjamin

Wednesday 11 March


Grütli - Salle Langlois

In the presence of the filmmaker Carol Benjamin