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Vernissage : The Scavengers – Arrêt sur image de Pascal Greco

Exhibition based on the film The Scavengers by Pascal Greco, followed by the world premiere of the film.
In Hong Kong, Pascal Greco followed "Popo" (grandmother) Lee, Chui & Lai in the hardness and ingratitude of their work, observing their extreme wisdom and courage.
Are "scavengers" the "collateral damage" of a rapid industrialization, a society desensitized to the community, indifferent to listening to its neighbour, which no longer has respect for its elders, committed to individualistic, egocentric motivations and diverted from any form of humanity?
From 12 March to 12 April 2019 in the Vitrine of CinéLux

100% of the sales will go to 2 associations involved in helping these elderly people by bringing food and medicine.

Tuesday 12 March