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What's Left of Swiss Values?

Non-consensual individual statements have sometimes enabled Swiss foreign or domestic policy to make major progress: discussions with Iran, recognition of the CIA's secret prisons in Europe.

The promotion of peace, security and of a poverty-free world are at the heart of Switzerland's official foreign policy strategy. Switzerland is known for its commitment to human rights and humanitarian principles. Yet today, behind the scenes of the Federal Council, some public voices tend to undermine this idealistic image of Swiss identity: arms sales, restrictive migration policies or even multinationals with little regard for workers' rights. Between humanitarian tradition and political and economic realities, what does Switzerland stand for today?
Halfway between fiction and documentary, La preuve scientifique de l'existence de Dieu(The Scientific Proof of God’s Existence) features a group of retired friends who come together again to set up an action against the Swiss arms industry.
The debate will be held in French with simultaneous English translation 

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Sunday 10 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

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Dick Marty Former Prosecutor General of the Canton of Ticino and Member of the Council of States

Tim Guldimann Former Ambassador and National Counselor

Christine Beerli Lawyer, Politician and Former ICRC Vice-President


Fred Baillif Film Director

Moderated by

Serge Michel Editor-in-Chief at

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Film thématique

The Scientific Proof of God's Existence

By Fred Baillif

A RTS film
A group of former conscientious objectors with strong characters meet to make a documentary about their past as activists. We are on the eve of a federal vote on the ban of arms exports and Alain's grandson accidentally dies during his military service. The group has only one idea in mind: to continue the fight for a world without weapons.

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Fred Baillif


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