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Migrations: When Solidarity Is Criminalized

Fleeing war, seeking refuge or helping people in distress: all these actions can lead to prison. How did migration and solidarity become crimes?

Be it in Switzerland or Tunisia, France or Greece, solidarity is increasingly criminalized. Not only do States not assume their responsibilities for reception and asylum, but rather they are putting more and more obstacles in the way of civilian initiatives that help migrants. As people die every day on the world's most dangerous migration routes such as the Mediterranean Sea, it is becoming urgent to think about concrete solutions. Do we want to live in a world where solidarity is criminalized and where state institutions are unable or unwilling to fulfil their responsibilities for reception, integration and care of vulnerable populations?

" Some people are afraid of the dead. I believe that we should be afraid of the living." Giulia Bertoluzzi's Strange Fish honours the fishermen of Zarzis who collect and bury the anonymous bodies that have washed up on Tunisia's shores.

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Saturday 16 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle


Chamseddine Marzoug Fisherman from the city of Zarzis, member of the Tunisian Red Crescent

Sara Mardini Humanitarian activist and refugee (participate by videoconference)

Jordi Vaquer Director of the Open Society Initiative for Europe

Moderated by

Xavier Colin Founder of GEOPOLITIS on RTS and TV5MONDE, associate fellow at the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP)

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Grand reportage

Strange Fish

By Giulia Bertoluzzi

How does it feel to see a dead body floating in the sea like a strange fish? Through the voices of the anonymous heroes of Zarzis, a fishing village in southern Tunisia, we discover how the migrant tragedy has affected a town and the fishermen community. A powerful portrait of Salah Mecherek, captain of a sardine fishing boat, Chemseddine Bourassine, President of the Association of the fishermen and Chamseddine Marzoug, ex-fisherman, volunteer for the Red Crescent and current gravedigger for the many nameless unknown that wash up on the coast.

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Giulia Bertoluzzi


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