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Cultural Heritage: Victims of War

Armed groups systematically attack the heritage of countries at war. The destruction, spoliation and trafficking of cultural property are part of the desire to destroy a society, its people and communities

The destruction of archaeological heritage and pillaging of cultural property have reached an unprecedented level since World War II. Looting is part of one of the most lucrative markets in the world after drugs and weapons, as well as the visible face of a much larger, sprawling smuggling business. A world in which profits are staggering, and risks are minimal. Why have armies and armed groups focused their military strategy on the almost systematic destruction of heritage? Because the eradication of the past considerably hampers the building of a peaceful post-conflict society.      
The Apollo of Gaza, by Nicolas Wadimoff, focuses on the discovery and disappearance of a statue of Apollo near the coast of Gaza. This highly coveted treasure embodies a territory wounded by wars and deprivation but in which life nevertheless remains dignified and rebellious.  

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Saturday 16 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Co-presented with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Le Temps and the RTS


Rémy Pagani Administrative Counselor, City of Geneva


Michaeel Najeeb Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul

Géraldine Chatelard Anthropologist and Historian

Cordula Droege Chief of Staff for the President, CICR


Nicolas Wadimoff Film Director

Moderated by

Luis Lema Journalist, Le Temps

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Hors Compétition - Documentaire

The Apollo of Gaza

By Nicolas Wadimoff

A RTS film

A statue of Apollo, god of the arts, beauty and divination, is found in Gaza's waters before disappearing under strange circumstances. Soon, the rumours swell around this coveted treasure amongst museum curators and collectors. In this intimate film, both an inquiry and a historical reflection, Nicolas Wadimoff immerses us in the unknown reality of a wounded territory where life nevertheless remains, dignified and rebellious. 

Release in French-speaking Switzerland on 27t March

  • Section Hors Compétition - Documentaire

Nicolas Wadimoff
Nicolas Wadimoff & Béatrice Guelpa


  • Abel Davoine
Production country
Slovakia & Morocco
Regional Premiere