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The New Wretched of the Earth : Discussion with Édouard Louis on Who Killed My Father?

Three books, The End of Eddy, History of Violence et Who Killed My Father, have enabled Édouard Louis to establish himself as a pioneer in confrontational literature.

In Who Killed My Father, Édouard Louis wants to focus his attention on the misery that plagues our societies, to hear and to see this social violence which cannot be translated into words. He named and shamed those politicians and their authors who had a direct impact on his father's wounded body. Following in the footsteps of writers and activists such as James Baldwin or Didier Eribon, Édouard Louis wants above all the convergence of “minority” struggles: feminists, anti-racists, LGBT+, visibility of the working classes in the medias. His quest for meaningful literature is a search for confrontation, the only conflict that ultimately matters: the one between the dominated and the dominant.

In A Northern Soul, Sean McAllister tells the story of Steve, a low-wage warehouse operative who also drives a musical bus called “Beats Bus” around neighbourhoods and schools to share his love for hip-hop with local children.

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Sunday 17 March


Espace Pitoëff - Grande salle

Co-presented with the Theater of Vidy and the magazine 360°


Édouard Louis Author


Steve Arnott Protagonist of the film "A Northern Soul"

Sean McAllister Director of "A Northern Soul"

Moderated by

Caroline Abu Sa'Da FIFDH Forum Editor

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Creative documentary

A Northern Soul

By Sean McAllister

Named "City of Culture" for a year, Hull, an industrial city in northern England bursts into effervescence. A storekeeper by day and hip-hop buff by night, Steve has a dream: to turn an old truck into a travelling "Beats Bus" for neighbourhood kids to rap in. But reality is always more complicated when poverty is rife... Sean McAllister offers us a tender, intimate and bittersweet chronicle on the power of art, ambition and perseverance.

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