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Docteur Junod, Le Troisième Combattant

Première suisse Entrée libre dans la limite des places disponibles

Hiroshima, September 8, 1945. Dr Marcel Junod, ICRC delegate, arrives in the martyred city with 15 tonnes of relief supplies. Who is this tireless doctor in the service of faltering humanity? Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, 22 August 2017. Christine Cipolla, ICRC head of delegation, brings a young girl lost in the fighting back to her family. What force leads them both, at the risk of their lives, to fight to save the victims of war?
Production Image & Sound SA A film by Romain Guélat and Jean-François Berger


Thursday 14 March



Première suisse Entrée libre (first come first served) jusqu’à épuisement des places disponibles OUVERTURE DES PORTES 18.15

Presented by the Lombard Odier Foundation