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Around Still Recording: Syria, images to remember

Since the onset of the civil war, Syrians took to the streets, armed with their cell phones and small cameras to capture, testify, denounce and rouse international public opinion. Since 2013, the Bidayyat association for Audiovisual Arts has courageously produced an abundant body of films highlighting the conflict’s complexity and its aftermaths. Such is the case in the stunning Still Recording, awarded at the last Venice Festival.


Sunday 17 March


Espace Pitoëff - Théâtre

Discussion en français et anglais


Ghiath Ayoub Film director

Mohammad Ali Atassi Journalist and documentary filmmaker, founder and director of Bidayyat for Audio-Visual Arts

Moderated by

Christophe Ayad Special Correspondent, Le Monde

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Creative documentary

Still Recording

By Ghiath Ayoub & Saeed Al Batal

In Still Recording, a film-testimony of virtuosic editing, we meet Saeed and Milad who, for the past four years, have been recording events in Eastern Ghouta, at the heart of hell. As death haunts the streets of Douma, this film pays tribute not only to the power of cinema but also to the courage of those who risk their lives to document massacres. A prize-winner in Venice, this film is created by the non-profit organization Bidayyat, which is responsible for the most memorable films of Syria's young generation.

  • Section Competition - Creative documentary


Ghiath Ayoub & Saeed Al Batal


  • Mohammad Ali Atassi
  • Jean-Laurent Csinidis

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