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Around Opération Papyrus

Presented as a world premiere, the documentary Temps Présent Opération Papyrus, by Béatrice Guelpa and Juan José Lozano, looks back on a unique adventure: from February 2017 to the end of December 2018, the Canton of Geneva offered to well integrated "illegal" people who have been residing for a long time to regularize their situation. The result: papers and a new life, which gave rise to hope, but also anxiety and mistrust. For the first time, the film gives a voice to associations, trade unions, employers, politicians and, of course, people without legal status, to tell the story of a new human adventure. A discussion with the filmmakers and protagonists will follow the screening of the film.


Monday 11 March


Cinérama Empire


Co-presented with the Office for Integration of Foreigners of the Republic and State of Geneva, the Radio télévision suisse (RTS), TV5MONDE and the Circle of Ambassadors of the FIFDH


Thierry Apothéloz State Councilor, Department of Social Cohesion

Jean-Philippe Ceppi Producer, Temps Présent

Isabelle Mourgere Editor-in-Chief of Les Terriennes


Juan José Lozano Co-director of the film

Béatrice Guelpa Co-director of the film

Marianne Halle Communication and external relations officer, CCSI

Thierry Horner Trade union secretary, SIT

Moderated by

Anne-Frédérique Widmann Swiss investigative reporter and documentary filmmaker

This debat is preceded by the movie:

Competition - Grand reportage

Opération Papyrus

By Béatrice Guelpa & Juan José Lozano

A RTS film
From February 2017 to  December 2018, Geneva gave the opportunity to well integrated "illegals" who had been living in Geneva for a long time to regularize their situation, provided they could prove residence in the Canton for over 10 years. Their reward: official documentation and a new life, which instilled hope as much as it did fear and mistrust. Presented as its world premiere, this film gives a voice to the associations, unions, employers, political figures and people without legal status, as they recount this singular human adventure.

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Béatrice Guelpa & Juan José Lozano


  • Luc Peter


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