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Chants de révolte et résistance: short film programme 2

The screening will be followed by a discussion with Jean-Gabriel Périot and Alice Riva, programmer at Cinéma Spoutnik.

Jean-Gabriel Périot is the author of a resolutely political cinematographic oeuvre. He works on the question of memory and violence and its mechanisms through films often made up of archival footage. At the heart of this retrospective cycle dedicated to the filmmaker, two explosive short film programmes reveal a part of his body of work which consists of some thirty short films and videos. The perfect opportunity to discover his two feature films: "A German Youth" (2015), about the Red Army Faction, and "Summer Lights" (2016), about Japanese atomic bomb survivors.

In collaboration with the cinema department of HEAD - Geneva and Cinéma Spoutnik

Five films where singing is combined with revolt, rebellion and inner boiling. People express emotionally charged music through their voices and bodies. "De la joie dans ce combat", follows a group of women for whom music is a way of resisting and breaking out of isolation. In "Nos jours absolument, doivent être illuminés", prisoners sing from inside a prison for the public who have come to listen to them on the other side of the wall.

De la joie dans ce combat (2018, 22')
Song for the jungle (2018, 14')
Si jamais nous devons disparaitre (2014, 15')
The Devil (2016, 7')
Nos jours absolument, doivent être illuminés (2012, 22')

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Thursday 14 March


Cinéma Spoutnik

Followed by a discussion with Jean-Gabriel Périot and Alice Riva, programmer at Cinéma Spoutnik Presented by the HEAD-Geneva