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Changing the narrative and giving voice to the young generation

The power of storytelling

Stories are powerful. The stories we live by have brought us to the present. What we need now are new stories to embrace the future. To write stories that are sensitive enough to embrace our complex future, we need the viewpoints and voices of the whole world, especially the young generation. That is why the United Nations in Geneva, the non-profit association Reel Motion Impact, and the Geneva International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, have come together to organize an event that connects those who can create the stories for the future. They are meant to imagine the fascinating times ahead of us and provide audiences with the narratives they need to spark a better future for all.
At the centre of this event, Reel Motion Impact will host a panel at the Palais des Nations, which is meant to unite changemakers and entertainment professionals to discuss the role of entertainment for the benefit of social impact. As special guests, the actors Casey Affleck, Annie Starke-Close, and youth-activist Zuriel Oduwole will join the conversation. 
Additionally, the event will be the official kick-off of the Gen Z Voices project of Reel Motion Impact, which brings together students from renowned film schools and the protagonists of Generation Z. In close collaboration with the schools, local organizations and mentors from the entertainment industry, film makers of the future work with members of Generation Z, to share their real stories in an anthology of short documentaries.
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